When At First You Don't Succeed



I hate being on the beginning end of a learning curve.  It can be so exasperating.

Trying to take a photograph of glossy art is no easy feat, as I found out. Every photo had white spots where the light reflected off of the semi-gloss finish.  Very frustrating. Everyone told me that I should have photographed before I put the gloss on, but it was a little too late.  I bought a Polarizing filter for the camera: it's like sunglasses for the lens.  It helped, but did not eliminate the issue.  I was ready to settle for what I had, even though it did not represent the art well.

Then about a week later, it hit me out of the blue.  If the light is reflecting off of some vertical brush strokes, what would happen if I photographed the art piece horizontally and flipped it right side up on the computer?  Et voila!  It worked.  .

What is not working in your art pieces?  In your world?  What are you settling for because you cannot see any other way?  Are you open to hearing a suggestion and to trying it?