2017 is just a few days away. I have never been big on resolutions, but I have started coming up with a word for the year. My word has more to do with what my mind will think on than specific actions or goals, because what we think on determines where we go. The battle starts in the mind.

As a strong introvert, i like the familiar and predictable. The new and unknown make me highly uncomfortable. For 2017, the word I chose is "Adventurageous", a combination of adventurously courageous. More than just courage, I want to change my thinking and to think of new places, people, things, and opportunities as adventures...things to be excited by and curious of...and to not be afraid of them. 

So, I've got my crown, my cape, my sword, and my pail (to pick up anything fun and interesting) and I'm ready to change my mindset and to be Adventurageous!

What word would you choose for 2017? What mindset would you like to change?