meet The Artist

Elizabeth Dotterer is a self-taught contemporary abstract artist,  She grew up in Rochester, NY and has lived the last 18 years in the Austin, TX area.

Elizabeth grew up in a creative home, but it wasn't until her kids left for college that she started her acrylic paintings. Drawn to both visual and tactile texture, she uses a palette knife, bamboo skewers, and other mark making tools to manipulate acrylic paints and acrylic mediums to provide a feast for the eyes.  Her layered, textured, and weathered works evoke a new way of defining beauty, and as an expression of her faith, her pieces emanate feelings of love, hope, and joy.

Elizabeth's art has been shown in numerous exhibitions at Art on 12 Gallery in Wimberley, TX, and she was an active member of the Wimberley Valley Art League.  She has studied under artists Ardith Goodwin, Sandra Duran Wilson, and Nicholas Wilton.


May our LOVE be victorious, our HOPE tenacious, our JOY contagious.